Registry Utilities Pro

Registry Utilities Pro

Registry Utilities Professional optimizes the Windows registry
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With Registry Utilities Pro you will forget about PC freezes and crashes because this program will fix and optimize the Windows registry for a perfect computer performance. I decided to try this program because I wanted to speed up my computer by restoring my computer's memory and also to help prevent my computer from crashing over and over again. This program really fixed my computer's errors; it made my computer run just like it did the day I brought it home from the store.

One of the best features is that I can repair everything that's wrong with my computer all at once instead of having to fix each problem one by one; if I wanted to do that though this program is set up so I could. Another thing that I really like about this application is that when I delete something the program is set up to save a backup in case I need that file later or if I didn’t mean to delete that file I could always get it back with no problems. I'm glad that I found this product; it is a little slow at scanning your computer but it did find all the errors of my computer has made my computer run like new again. I was also able to put it on all computers in my house because the program allows you to install the program onto three different computers, you can't beat that!

Luis Sanchez
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  • Makes computer crashes nonexistent by repairing your registry


  • It takes a while to scan through your computer
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